Your eyes are an incredibly important part of your overall health. When something is wrong with your vision, it can severely impact your quality of life. It can be a scary experience dealing with vision disorders, especially if you have no idea what's causing them. One of the most common issues affecting the eyes are floaters.

Fortunately, floaters don't always signal trouble. Although they can be frightening, it's important to know they are incredibly common. However, it's important to visit our eye doctor if you notice changes in your floaters and other vision issues. At Bay Ridge Family Eye Care, our optometry specialists will be able to determine what is causing your floaters and help you recover! We want to help our Brooklyn NY, community find relief.


What Are Floaters?

Floaters are tiny specks in the eye that can appear as black or gray spots in your vision. You might be experiencing floaters if you notice:

  • Spots in your vision that move when you try to look for them
  • Spots when looking at a white or plain background
  • Gray or black specks in your vision
  • Squiggly lines or what appear to be cobwebs in your vision

They are caused when fibers in the back of your eye clump together and form a microscopic spot in your eye.

Should I Get Help for Floaters?

Floaters usually go away on their own, or sometimes aren't even noticeable after a while. However, floaters can indicate a sign of a more serious condition. If you have floaters accompanied by:

  • A sudden increase in floaters
  • Flashes of light
  • Dark spots in your peripheral vision
  • Severe eye pain

These can all may indicate a more serious condition. 

How Our Eye Doctor Can Help

Our eye doctor will conduct an exam of your eyes to determine if your floaters are caused by something more serious, such as inflammation of the eye, bleeding of the eye, or a retinal detachment.

They do this through a dilated eye exam, where they will look into your eye and have a detailed picture of its makeup. If your floaters are causing you distress, our eye doctor might suggest eye surgery known as a vitrectomy. This will break apart the clumps of fibers in your eye. They may also provide additional eye care for detached retinas, issues caused by diabetes, or eye inflammation that can cause floaters.

Find Optometry Relief at Bay Ridge Family Eye Care

Floaters can be annoying, but we at Bay Ridge Family Eye Care Are here to help you find relief in Brooklyn NY. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (718) 680-3270.

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