Polarized Glasses and What You Need to Know

Polarized lenses have a special chemical on them that blocks horizontal light waves from hitting your eyes. This cuts down on glare, making polarized lenses a wonderful accessory to have when driving, skiing, or doing anything that brings you into contact with glare. There are a couple of cautions, but overall these lenses are very helpful. Bay Ridge Family Eye Care in Brooklyn can fit you with a pair of polarized glasses for clear daytime vision that doesn't make you squint or cover your eyes.

Polarized Glasses

Good for Glare

When light hits a shiny surface, it bounces or reflects off that surface and often right into your eyes on a horizontal plane. That's what creates that glare that makes it so hard to see in bright sunlight. You don't have to be right next to the shiny surface to suffer. You can go for a walk and squint due to glare off a surface down the street. Unfortunately, the many reflections of the sun can also cause your brain to have difficulty deciphering what you are seeing. The delayed reaction time is dangerous, especially for driving. Polarized glasses help you have better reaction time when driving or participating in recreational sports like skiing.

Polarized lenses use a chemical that blocks these horizontal beams of light. You can still see light that is shining vertically past your face, meaning you can still see sunlight, just not when it's reflected right at your eyes. When you don't have to worry about glare, you end up with very clear vision throughout the day and no eye pain. Polarized glasses not only reduce eye strain but can help make your vision sharper. Daily activities will be more enjoyable with a better awareness of your surroundings. The enhanced vision will provide you with greater clarity and comfort.

Watch Out for Phone Screens

Polarized glasses can make it a little harder to see phone or LCD screens because the anti-glare technology on the phone and the anti-glare benefits of your polarized lenses clash, making it harder for you to see the screen. If you want to use your phone, you'll have to take off the lenses, so be sure to find a shady place where there is no glare.

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