Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams at Bay Ridge Family Eye Care

Regular pediatric exams are an essential part of maintaining your child's overall health and development. These exams help detect any eye issues early and address them before they grow into bigger problems. Our pediatric eye doctors at Bay Ridge Family Eye Care in Brooklyn provide comprehensive exams to detect even the most minor issues to ensure your child maintains optimal vision and eye health.


What Are Pediatric Eye Exams?

Pediatric eye exams are the most comprehensive type of visual examination. These exams go beyond checking for common problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness. They also screen children for conditions that can affect young eyes and may lead to greater issues later in life. 

Signs Your Child May Need a Pediatric Eye Exam

Some children are born with issues that need to be detected and corrected early in life to prevent damage. If your child has any of the following symptoms, they may be suffering from an eye condition that needs professional treatment:

  • Strabismus (inward or outward turning of the eyes)
  • One eye drifting or wandering
  • Frequent headaches or closing of one eye
  • Sensitivity to light or squinting
  • Problems seeing objects close up or far away
  • Pulling at one eye or the eyelid
  • Eye turning in or out while focusing on a nearby object

What to Expect During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

  • A Review of the Patient's History – This comprises information about your child's medical history along with any vision issues. Our family eye doctors take this information into account while prescribing any treatment for your child.
  • Visual Acuity Test – Your child will be asked to read letters of varying sizes from an eye chart multiple times to determine the clarity of vision. We will also examine how your child's eyes work together to diagnose double vision or eye misalignment issues.
  • A Comprehensive Eye Exam – Our pediatric eye doctors will check your child's eyes for common conditions such as crossed eyes, lazy eye, and a need for glasses or contact lenses. Our optometrists also test the eyes for any pre-existing issues or other things that should be monitored regularly. We will also check the overall health of your child's eyes by performing a series of external checks, including assessing the pupils' reaction to light, evaluating their eyelids, reviewing redness or discharge around their eyes or lids, etc.
  • Dilation – If required, our doctor dilates the pupil to provide a complete evaluation of the retina and optic nerve. This makes it easier to detect any problems early on before they advance into more serious issues with permanent damage.

Depending on your child's condition, our family eye doctors may need to conduct other eye tests to determine if there are any issues and what can be done about them.

When Should My Child Get Their First Pediatric Eye Exam?

Our pediatric eye doctors advise scheduling an exam within six months after a child is born. If there are family history issues, like crossed eyes, an infant may need to be screened earlier. The earlier these conditions are detected, the better the outcomes will be for your child.

How Often Do Children Need Pediatric Eye Exams?

Once you've scheduled a pediatric eye exam, it is critical that you follow through with all recommended treatments and procedures. Most children require yearly exams, but some may need them as frequently as every six months. Children with chronic conditions or those at risk for further problems should be seen even more often.

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Our optometry team provides high-quality eye care services to patients in and around the Brooklyn area. We offer thorough pediatric exams to determine any issues early and have them addressed. If you're looking for professional eye care for your child, we welcome you to learn more about how our clinic can benefit you and your child. Call us at 718-680-3270 to book an appointment with our skilled optometry team.

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